Sensory Bottle

Sensory Bottle


Help your little buddy settle those big emotions with their very own Sensory Bottle AKA Calm Down Bottle! These bottles can help adults + children, alike. (I even have one of my own!) The bottle's mesmerizing falling magic dust helps to settle your mind + slow your breathing, regulating those big emotions. These bottles are perfect for a calming corner or just to keep out on the kitchen counter for those unexpected emotional emergencies! 


Kit includes

+16 oz platic bottle

+ 4 pods of coordinating glitter

+ Clear School Glue

+ video & printed instructions


If you choose the DIY kit, you'll need hot glue or gorilla glue to secure the top when finished. Everything else is included!

Pre-Made or DIY

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    Items ship within 3-6 business days after the processing date. 


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